Is the United Nations rushing toward judgment?

31 March 2023
Or the Commission on Status of Women ( CSW)

By: Peter Smith

I have spent the last two weeks listening to debate at the annual CSW, from 6 to 17 March 2023. This is not my first CSW , I started getting involved in 1995.

In my daily Bible reading I was reading through the book of Isiah and noticed chapter 3 which in my NIV study Bible has the title Judgement on Jerusalem and Judah.

Verse 9  “ “ they parade their sin like Sodom.”

At the UN various groups get together to voice their positions in general discussion and also when a document is being negotiate. One of these groups is the LGBTQI+ group co-chaired by the Netherlands and Argentina, there being 42 countries in this group  out of the 192 at the UN.  Some 15 countries spoke individually promoting LGBT etc issues.

Verse 12  “ Youths oppress my people..”

There was a whole half day session in the general discussion given over to youth. This reminded me of wee Gretta Thunberg telling us all we would be destroyed some years ago by climate change. My Bible says , Children obey your parent”.

Verse 12 “..Women rule over them…”

There was a lot of talk about gender equality at this meeting, but my 28 years of experience at the UN tell me that the real agenda is an oppressive matriarchy to be set over the world.

The other verse that comes to mind is “Thou shat not murder.”

The euphemism for abortion and other things is in the term “ sexual and reproductive health rights.. This term was used by some 33 countries as well as the EU in the general discussion. Also some 13 countries were pushing for Comprehensive sexuality education , or as I like to say lesson in depravity for children. The Lord warned about causing “ Little ones to stumble ,,  millstone ,, into the water with you “.

No pro-life pro-Family NGOs got to speak. But an Inuit NGO from Greenland had slipped though the net. She complained about Danish medical people visiting them in the 1960s and fitting thousands of IUDs to unsuspecting women + girls. They will not be invited back to another CSW I suspect.

On the positive side there was a group of 25 countries who spoke on behalf of the family. Enough with the sermon onto the actual subject for CSW this year.

Innovation and technological change, and education in the digital age for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls.

This ended up with a 30 page document, see  T128. It is the usual terrible UN stuff. Its meant to be about technology, and gender equality , but most women are not so interested in this type of work. In the UK 26% of Information Technology engineers are women. On a world -wide basis there are 19% of the technical workforce are women. This does not mean that women are discriminated against, many women are not interested in this type of career. Many want jobs they can interrupt to have children, it is hard to get back into computer work after an absence of many years as so much changes.

The document had 147 references to gender, 107 references to rights, and 4 references to responsibility. There was of course no reference to men , its as if we did not exist. The usual UN biased document, not much use to anyone.

There was the usual resort to the euphemism for abortion , “reproductive health”, with one paragraph pushing this a let but there was good protective language limiting its lethality. Sadly there was another paragraph on Comprehensive sexuality education , but not using that wording. Then there was a very good paragraph on family. See : T127

C-Fam did a great job as usual , their report is attached. They listed all the countries making good reservations on family and life issues. Ref

Also attached is an article written by my friend Grace Melton who is a long time lobbyist at the UN , see ref for her article to get an American perspective. Ref T125

I was  also in touch with an American friend , who was at the CSW , representing National Right to life. He was hanging around by himself near the end of the meeting, and heard the British delegate complaining about not “ making any progress at CSW this year”. This sort of thing is music to my ears. He obviously did not like all the family language, and the fact that LGBT wording did not get into the document.

Peter Smith represents CCI at the UN in New York

Reference material

T128 – Agreed document for CSW 2023

T127- Three important paragraphs.

T125- Grace Melton article