Grateful for acquittal Christian MP Päivi Räsänen

14 November 2023
Räsänen: "The Helsinki Court of Appeal has just ruled that all the charges against me have been dismissed. I am relieved, happy and grateful to God and to all those who have supported me through this stage of my life. The decision was in line with my expectations – I never doubted for a moment that I committed any offence in my writings and statements."

November 14, 2023

We are grateful for the acquittal of Mrs. Rasanen. She has not been found guilty of discriminating against homosexuals. Räsänen: "The decision is important for the religious freedom 'of Bible-believing Christians'. And also for others. I hope the decision will encourage everyone to courageously exercise their freedom of expression." kept a live blog of the ruling, see:

We hope and pray that there will be no appeal, although that is not ruled out. Please pray for her and that freedom of speech and religion will be preserved.