Commission on Population & Development (CPD56)

14 April 2023
10 to 14 April 2023
This year the Resolution was on population, education and sustainable development.
There was no doubt some good ideas discussed, but the big issue was CSE.

By: Peter Smith

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)

This program intended to brainwash children into believing that sex before marriage is fine, and a lot of other immoral things. In the first 4 days of the conference I counted 43 positive references for CSE by country groups, individual countries UN agencies and NGOs. On the other hand Russia and Nigeria came out against SCE as well as the Friends of the family group of countries.

I was concerned, but then on the Friday morning  , we learnt that there had been no agreement with the document and the Chairman gave out a“ Chair’s text” at 10.20pm Thursday evening.[1]      Some 22 brave countries opposed this document especially Paragraph OP16   Ref 2. So the balance was 55 countries wanted the Chairman text adopted and 22 did not. Now the UN works on a consensus system, not a majority vote. Consensus means you all agree.

Then to my relief the chairman withdrew his text. There was wailing and gnashing of teeth among the pro-abortion anti-family countries. As I always say no document is much better than a bad document coming from the UN.

Mill stone award

While listening to all the lies being told about CSE the Lord gave me the following verse :

It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a mill stone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin.  Luke 17:2

This year the Mill stone award goes to the Argentinian Ambassador.  She pushed CSE more than any other country, legalising of abortion, claiming any type of family combination was fine and did not want doctors to claim conscientious abjection to any of her “ scientific ideas”.

The Truth teller award

This year goes to Stefano from C-Fam who simply said CSE does not work. There was horror and disbelief on the faces of the officials around him. See this excellent talk by Dr. Thomas Sowell along the same lines.

Near the end of the meeting Pakistan gave a stinging rebuttal to the rich countries who were pushing CSE and not interested in basic things like funding schools for poor kids.

My own daughter went on a Mission trip to Malawi some 15 years ago , to a school in Blantyre , where they gave each student a small note book and a pencil. The teacher did not even have chalk to use on the blackboard. This was supplied  by this small group of Scottish Christians

There was much behind the scenes lobbying at this meeting, and in the past about CSE. An excellent result occurred, no document.

[1] OP16 Recognizes the rights, duties and responsibilities of parents and other persons legally responsible for adolescents to provide, in a manner consistent with the evolving capacities of the adolescent, appropriate direction and guidance on sexual and reproductive matters, and that countries must ensure that the programmes and attitudes of health-care providers do not restrict the access by adolescents to appropriate services and the information they need, including on sexually transmitted infections and sexual abuse, and also recognizes that in doing so, and in order to address, inter alia, sexual abuse, these services must safeguard the right of adolescents to privacy, confidentiality, respect and informed consent, respecting cultural values and religious beliefs, and that in this context countries should, where appropriate, remove legal, regulatory and social barriers to reproductive health information and care for adolescents;

Peter Smith represents CCI at the UN in New York