A Nation Divided, on Abortion

30 June 2022
In the coming months, activists on both sides of the debate will do their utmost to try to convince lawmakers and the American public to restrict, or to legalize abortion. Time will tell the outcome of such action.

By: John Van Der Brink

Meanwhile leaders of many foreign nations are weighing in on the Supreme Court decision. Predictably, most are claiming that the decision takes away women’s rights, that it is unfair to minorities and the poor, and that 50 years of “progress” is being reversed. They are astonished that our supreme court had the courage to follow the constitutional law rather that to cave to pressure from the left to invent constitutional law. They are apparently surprised that the law did not have and still does not have the authority to justify the killing of the innocent  life of a baby in a mother’s womb. Perhaps they know that abortion laws are to be decided by the states, by elected officials, and that the American people in general are not as ready to destroy human life as they apparently seem to be. But fortunately, the opinions of foreign leaders do not overrule the majority of judges on our Supreme Court. Simply stated the United States Constitution does not identify a right to an abortion, and no amount of outrage or opposition will change that fundamental fact.  Laws about abortion are to be legislated at the state level. That is where it should be, and that is where this Supreme Court decision has returned it.

Already there are forces at work to try to nullify or reverse the supreme court decision. Many Democrats and the media are speaking about a “public health crises” which would provide funding and resources to help women skirt the law. Others have spoken about “packing the court” so more liberal justices would be appointed to effectively re-shift the mindset in favor of Roe v Wade.  Thousands and millions have come out and publicly stated that they will not stand for this ruling and are even calling for the impeachment of the supreme court justices. Anything and everything is being done to try to restore a national right to an abortion. But the Supreme Court has rightly ruled that the Constitution does not guarantee the right to an abortion, and for now at least, that ruling will stand.  

But there is another very important consideration here that we do not hear very much about today. But it should be heard. That is the silent behind-the-scenes efforts that has been at work already for many decades to try to normalize abortion on an international level. State representatives and Human Rights Groups regularly meet in places like United Nations, the European Union, African Union, Human Rights Council, and the World Health Organization. Especially under Western pressure they are working hard to make abortion a “human right” worldwide. As these organizations gain power and influence, they place pressure on developing nations, in particular, to advocate for agreed-upon policies. For example, the World Health Organization is a group that warrants special scrutiny. This organization is growing in power, and if it gains additional control, they could make it difficult for the US and other nations to make their own laws on such issues as abortion. When that happens, it would not matter what the Supreme Court or what congress would say about it. And that is what must be avoided at all costs. The World Health Organization should never be allowed to control the laws of individual nations.

That is why a Biblical voice must be heard when policy issues are discussed at these international levels. The work that Christian Council International and others do is to participate in policy development, document reviews, and oral discussion in the United Nations, WHO and other places. In this work, they try to promote Family, Life, and Religious Freedoms. This is important because often policies are promoted that are destructive to these blessings.  Please try to remember and support the work of those who try to bring a Biblical influence in these meetings. The work is difficult, and often hard to quantify. But with the Lord’s blessing, it can be fruitful. May the Lord remember our leaders and grant them a desire to lead according to the morals and principles of His Holy Word. Then we with our children may lead a quiet and peaceable life in a culture where He may be honored and glorified.  

John Van Der Brink is director of the Netherlands Reformed Christian School in Pompton Plains, New Jersey, and a member of the Board of Directors of CCI