Newsletter June 2021

16 July 2021

Dear Reader,

Our call to defend unborn life, the natural family, and religious and educational freedom has received a great response from our support base. It is encouraging to see that the urgency is felt and that we, but also by some EU-leaders vehemently attacked Hungarian pro-family politicians, are not alone in this struggle. We would like to thank you, who support us (financially).

It is now possible for our consultant in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to build a network with the there located African Union in order to stand up for the themes we hold dear: life, family and freedom, but also to ban gender ideology from international treaties with the support of African countries. See also the report of our consultant in New York, which shows that our 'no' to sexual colonialism, imposed by mostly 'Western' countries, was followed up.

At the same time, perverse delusions got a turbo boost on July 2 at the Generation Equality Forum in Paris, where TCC was also registered. A whopping $40 billion was pledged over 5 years for an irreversible acceleration of a globally rolled out gender agenda.

We are currently building an international coalition to block texts introduced outside of mandate that promote abortion and comprehensive sexuality education in a 20 year binding trade treaty between the EU and 79 ACP (African/Caribbean/Pacific) countries.

We took the opportunity to make our voice heard in response to the call for input by the 'Independent Expert on sexual orientation and gender identity', as you can see and hear below. In order to make this sound stronger and more frequent in Geneva, New York and beyond, it is our wish to deploy additional people for this purpose. Your financial support is desperately needed for this!

There is a cultural war going on, our American board member writes. And we are in the middle of that.

But I will close with the theme we have given to the events we hope to hold in October and under which motto we want to work: "In God We Trust"!

Kind regards,

Henk Jan van Schothorst
Executive Board TCC/CCI