Newsletter December 2021

24 December 2021

Dear reader,

True hope in a dark world

Every year we are reminded of the birth of the Savior. Christ. Christmas. The European Commission tried to remove this word from its glossary in its guidelines for inclusive communication. But what would we do without the hope of Light in this dark world? Let us return to the Christian roots of Europe and not take Christ out of Christmas. Thank God the commission withdrew the language instruction after an outcry.


It was from this hope that we were able to do our work last year as well. We are grateful that we are experiencing increasing involvement and support. Partly because of your (financial) support, CCI was able to work closely with Meskerem Ritmeester, our colleague in Africa. We have been able to create awareness, delay and stop African government leaders against bad things, such as imposed abortion facilities and comprehensive sex education outside of parents, that the EU is trying to impose. As of 2022, Meskerem can work for CCI for three days a week! 

Peter Smith, a seasoned lobbyist, was able to represent CCI in New York by attending the Commission on Human Rights at the United Nations. The term "sexual orientation and gender identity" was introduced in a resolution on -note - democratization and elections. Read his report later in the newsletter. 

Expansion needed

Both in the US and in the EU we see individualization increasing and the space for the natural family crumbling. The control of governments is increasing, putting freedoms such as religion and education under pressure. Read the articles on President Biden's proposed Build Back Better law by our board member in the US, John Van Der Brink and those on family policy under 'Rutte-4' by our board member Jan Schippers and undersigned.

To turn the tide we will have to unite as Christians. CCI can represent you. Very specifically, we would like to recruit a policy officer for the work at the Human Rights Council in Geneva in the short term. Will you help make this possible?

And further

CCI has also had a number of business meetings with the Armenian Ambassador in Nieuwspoort The Hague and on Urk with the Hungarian Ambassador. Below you will find a video of the meeting in Urk with H.E. Mr. András Kocsis -Ambassador Hungary in the Netherlands. 
Also in 2022 CCI hopes to organize interesting meetings in the Netherlands and in the working fields in Europe, the USA and in Africa to involve you in the work. Please keep an eye on our announcements. 

God bless

We wish you God's blessing on Christmas and much happiness and blessing in the New Year!

With heartfelt greetings,

Henk Jan van Schothorst
Director (Transatlantic) Christian Council International