Family Seen?!

30 March 2024
We gathered on March 28 at Den Hartog Riet with well over 100 people in Leerbroek: Family Seen! The Endangered Cornerstone highlighted by Kees van der Staaij from a Dutch perspective, by their deputy ambassador Dr. Krisztina GOSZTONYI, Deputy Head of Mission Hungary, from a Hungarian perspective, by Bert-Jan Ruissen from Europe and by Henk Jan van Schothorst internationally.
Leerbroek 28 maart 2024


Bert-Jan Ruissen: "The family must again become the cornerstone of society. And the tendency of Brussels to interfere in family law with a progressive-liberal agenda must be stopped. I was able to speak about this on Thursday evening at the invitation of Christian Council International and  SGP Vijfheerenlanden at Den Hartog Riet in Leerbroek.