The Culture War Continues in America

1 April 2022
Our US Board Member John Van Der Brink shines a light on The Culture War, which continues in America.

As the war in Ukraine rages on, and people are dying every day under the aggression of a cruel dictator, so too the Cultural War in America continues unabated. The moral casualties are also tragic. After Biden took office in January 2021, many progressive policies were and are being promoted that defy generations of moral standards that are based on God’s Word. The LGBTQ activists are encouraged to see their new President nominate Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, a woman, who said in a recent hearing that she cannot give a definition of “what a woman is”. It is not hard to see her gender bias.

These activists are also encouraged when the Walt Disney Company recently made it public that they will discontinue using gender specific distinctions in their company policies. Rather than welcoming boys and girls they will now welcome “friends and dreamers of all ages”.

Recently, many public schools have also adopted gender diversity instruction to children as young as grade one. Children are being taught to appreciate and explore their gender potentialities, a practice which leads to moral and biological confusion.

But there is another side in this cultural warfare. Many conservatives have had enough, and they are speaking up and speaking out. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida recently signed into law a bill that forbids educators to teach gender diversity lessons to little children. He believes that parents should have control over the content of their children’s education. Many Americans appreciate his brave stance and other legislators are watching this movement. Governor Terry McAuliffe from Virginia lost his bid for reelection when he insisted that the government, and not parents, should be responsible for the content of their children’s education. Many people are beginning to see the utter folly and ridiculous policy that comes from wanting to legalize and normalize a mindset and a lifestyle that is contrary to common sense, biology and Biblical precepts.

Where the future will take us of course no one knows. What we need in America is a revival, a general understanding of man’s place in a fallen world, and about the only way of redemption in Christ Jesus. God’s Word is still the most faithful guide for all generations and for all people. May the Lord grant leaders and concerned citizens who are given wisdom and understanding, and who are not afraid to speak against the liberal policies being promoted everywhere.