Commission on Population & Development 55th session (CPD55)

4 May 2022
Peter Smith followed the Commission on Population & Development 55th session. "This is another dangerous and useless meeting at UN headquarters. It is based upon the false premise that for a country to develop economically you must have a small number of children. The UK , USA , the Netherlands all became developed countries with high population growth and no modern contraceptives".

Initially these meeting were held by the Population Division, who are just a group of demographers who produced reports on demography. Then in 1994 there was the International Conference on Population & Development ( IPCD ) in Cairo. This was when the United Nations Population Fund ( UNFPA) got involved with their pro-abortion , anti-natalist , anti-family policies. They also pushed the line that development only cames with low fertility.

This meeting got so radical that they could not agree on a document for three years prior to 2020. Pro-lifers considered this a good thing, but UN officials were scandalised. This year and last year they got a document, unfortunately.

This year there were just two references to families and six references to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights. There were also eighteen references to gender. The good news is that there were no mentions of “ women in all their diversity”, a cunning way of saying transgender. There was no mention of sexual orientation & gender identity , nor LGBTQI etc etc. Also no mention of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), that is lessons in depravity.

There was a good paragraph on national sovereignty, see below :

OP2. Reaffirms the sovereign right of each country to implement the recommendations of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development or other proposals in the present resolution, consistent with national laws and development priorities, with full respect for the various religious and ethical values and cultural backgrounds of its people, and in conformity with universally recognized international human rights.

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Peter Smith