ACS agreement signing postponed and CCI office in Africa

27 September 2022
Due to the postponement of the signing of the new EU-ACP Agreement to 2023, CCI had more time last quarter to think and strategize on a proper advocacy campaign with its close allies.

By: Meskerem Ritmeester

A special action team was established for this purpose and CCI is currently leading this global group of influential MPs, government officials, CSO, and religious leaders. This resulted in the planning of a series of events where CCI aims to be engaged in to maximize its advocacy impact regarding the EU-ACP Agreement. 

The first strategic event CCI joined in August 2022 was the African Bar Association Annual Conference in Malawi where CCI was able to raise awareness on the dangerous provisions inside the new EU-ACP Agreement among various high-level decision makers and policy influencers, such as: The President of Malawi, Malawian MPs and Ministers, the Vice-President of Liberia, Malawian religious leaders and hundreds of senior legal experts from across Africa who also attended the Conference in Malawi. Some of the policy influencers started to actively be engaged in CCI’s advocacy campaign and support the upcoming events planned for the last quarter of 2022 that are critical in deepening the awareness on the dangerous provisions inside the new EU-ACP Agreement.

Another milestone achieved by CCI this quarter was the establishment of its office in Africa (Ethiopia) in the form of a hosting arrangement. The main reason for this major step in CCI’s expansion is to obtain a consultative status for CCI with the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR), one of the main African Union Organs. CCI expects to obtain its observer status this October 2022.

Meskerem Ritmeester is CCI Policy & Advocacy Director Africa

Photos: CCI with resp. H.E. Vice President of Liberia and H.E. President of Malawi