CCI reception and panel discussion - June 17, 2022, 7:30 PM - New Jersey

7 June 2022
Hosted by CCI and founder Mr. Henk Jan Van Schothorst
Date: June 17, 2022, at 7:30 pm
Location: Smoke Rise Inn, 9 Perimeter Rd, Kinnelon, NJ 07405

Photos by Mark Den Hollander

Business Relations in a Secular and Increasingly Sexualized world - from a Christian Perspective


Mr. Len Deo
Founder and former president of the New Jersey Family Policy Council (NJFPC)

Mrs. Aida Wahba
Educator for 22 years, Genesis Club Leader

Mr. David Berkenbush
Public entity insurance fund trainer and business executive

The purpose of this discussion panel is to glean from different perspectives on how to deal with issues that have developed as a result of postmodern thought. Within the realm of secular society, many executives, business owners, and employees find themselves in positions where they feel forced to conform to radical social changes within their work environment. Gender identity, sexual harassment, and 'woke' culture are topics that stand in the fore front of recent changes within society. As a result, increasing pressure is placed on individuals to conform to non-traditional viewpoints. These and similar questions will be addressed by our panelists with a focus on the business environment:

1. What legislation in New Jersey can affect the Religious Freedoms that are important to schools and business owners?

2. Explain how our culture went from endorsing traditional Biblical values to where we are today where there is so much pressure against those values.

3. What are schools and businesses doing today to try to protect themselves from litigation related to gender issues?

4. Name some resources available to schools and businesses to help stay informed about gender related laws and policies.

Reception Timeline

7:30 - Appetizers

8:00 - Panel Discussion

8:45 - Presentation by Henk Jan Van Schothorst

9:00 Congressman Chris Smith – (invited and to be confirmed)

9:15 – Meet and Greet with panelists

Coffee and Dessert  

By viewing the topics through the lens of the business environment, this panel will provide relevant information to those who might be dealing with these types of situations in their workplace. CCI will provide a presentation to show how the organization can provide support to business owners in actively seeking out policy negotiations to ensure that personal freedoms are not infringed upon, or neglected in any way.

There is no cost of attendance for this reception. Donations toward the different projects of Christian Council International would be greatly appreciated.  

To sign up for this reception, please use the following QR Code or contact Mark den Hollander by email Reservation deadline – June 15, 2022.