Theme meeting, March 15, 2024, New Jersey, USA

Theme: Threats to Religious Freedoms
When: March 15, 2024, at 7:45 PM
Where: Netherlands Reformed Christian School, 164 Jacksonville Road, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444, USA
Contact: John Van Der Brink, +1 973 951 7349 or email:

Threats to Religious Freedoms

What is happening to religious freedoms in New Jersey, in the United States, and in the World?

The threat to religious freedoms in our state, country, and world has never been more real than it is today. Leftist policies and liberal legislation are constantly being produced, and in many cases go unnoticed until they reach levels that are difficult to resist. However, some organizations and people have dedicated their lives to exposing these dangerous trends. We are privileged to have three such people who are willing to come to our school on March 15 to present and answer your questions.

Each speaker will present for 20 minutes followed by a discussion panel to answer your questions. Literature is available from each organization, and you will have an opportunity to support them if you choose. They will also explain what you can do to get involved in helping us preserve the religious freedoms we hold dear. Please join us for an evening of information sharing and mutual suppor´╗┐t.

Alan Wright, New Jersey Family Policy Counsel

Allan F. Wright is resident of New Jersey, the executive director of NJ Family Policy Alliance, and has been involved in education in various roles for over thirty years. He is a popular speaker and is the author of twenty books. He is well-informed about the threat to religious freedoms in our state.

Kassie Dulin, First Liberty

Kassie Dulin serves as Director of Government Affairs and Counsel with First Liberty Institute, focusing on appellate litigation and legislative affairs in Washington DC and throughout the United States. Before law school, Dulin served as Chief Communications Officer for First Liberty Institute. She previously worked on local, state, and national political campaigns and consulted for several non-profit organizations.

Henk Jan Van Schothorst, Christian Council International

Henk Jan Van Schothorst is the founder and executive director of Christian Council International which is dedicated to confronting unbiblical legislation at the international level. He has traveled to many countries, is a regular advocate for religious freedom at the United Nations, and regularly visits lawmakers personally to provide direction and support.

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